GeenieBox Member Spotlight: Meet Debbie

GeenieBox is all about embracing the genius of Black Girl Magic. With that in mind, we turn the lens our awesome members in our Spotlight Series. The GeenieBox subscriber is a woman who values supporting and amplifying women, aspires to inspire, and use one success to jumpstart the next. Get to know our members on a journey with us to live bigger bolder lives, and, of course, sprinkling Black Girl Magic everywhere!

Our next Member Spotlight is Debbie from New York, NY.


Name: Debbie

Title: Senior Recruiter, Talent Acquisition/Human Resources 

Member Spotlight - Debbie

What keeps Debbie going when she's having a bad day:

Knowing that I'm in charge of the response to that bad day. I can turn that bad day around and realize that I'm still blessed and I have the power to make way for a better day tomorrow.


Debbie's Anthem: 

"I'll rise up in spite of the ache" is one line from from Andra Day's song, "Cheers To the Fall." It's truly an inspiring song. If you're ever in a position where you feel you have many obstacles in front of you, this song let's you know you can overcome anything, and you'll do it over and over again when you have challenges, because you are resilient. 


Debbie is most proud of:

Most recently I'm proud and honored to be chosen by NV Magazine as one of their 2016 "Movers & Shakers" awardees which recognizes young professionals of color for their entrepreneurial and corporate professional endeavors. To be recognized by my peers for doing something I love is priceless!  


The person who most inspires Debbie:

Simply said that would be my Mother. She's my "She-RO." She's one of the strongest yet most loving and selfless people I know. Innately she's a caretaker and retired a few years ago from Nursing. She always pushed my sister and I to do more than the average. She encouraged us to be the best in anything we do otherwise what's the point of doing it if it's not going to be 110%. She was always my cheerleader and continues to be just that!

Follow Debbie on Twitter: @DebbieD881


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