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My GeenieBox Sisters,

Here we are in that month May--a time of commencement for many, an opportunity for new beginnings and renewal for us all. As a Harvard professor, curator and author, I find myself, like many of you, focused on how to grow, improve, and maintain my energy to meet my responsibilities and still honor time for my family and friends. Yet it’s rare to have a space to reveal our process to each other—to talk about what works, what helps, and what’s absolutely indispensable. So I’m absolutely thrilled that this GeenieBox will share some of the experiences, techniques, and tools that have helped my process along the way in the hopes that it may help some of you on your path.

I am honored that the GeenieBox includes my first book, The Rise: Creativity, the Gift of Failure, and the Search for Mastery (Simon & Schuster, 2014) inspired as I was by the lessons I had gleaned from studying the lives of icons—from Oprah Winfrey to J.K. Rowling, Martin Luther King Jr. (who received C’s in oratory class!)—who remind us that our spirit is indomitable, that we can transform any experience with the right approaches, techniques, and outlook. Writing this book changed my life and I’m so humbled that the ideas in it have gone around the world as it became a bestseller and translated into over 6 languages (none of which I speak!). I’m also excited that the GeenieBox will include a partnership with Friends of Education at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City where I curated when I left graduate school. Regardless of your path in life, letting yourself be inspired by the artists is a surefire way to encourage creativity in terms of how you consider your life.

Doing the inner work is crucial for getting work done. Maintaining my sense of joy and gratitude for this gift of life despite the pace of an intensely packed, demanding position is my daily work. For me, meditation and working out is key. I’m happy that my GeenieBox includes the Harlem One Miler experience (including VIP running kits from my favorite workout brand Under Armour for those who sign up!). And as a person constantly on the go, I rely on having a healthy go-to snack with me to keep my energy high. One of my favorites are KIND bars, so you’ll get that in the box as well.

My hope is that this GeenieBox leaves you with a few more soul-sustaining, nourishing, and inspiring ways to take your work and life to the next level. May I meet some of you all soon and hear what your tools are for creating the beautiful lives we deserve.

With love,


Sarah Elizabeth Lewis /@sarahelizalewis



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