Inside the November GeenieBox

Hello beautiful people,

I am beyond excited and truly honored to be Novembers Geenie! What an amazing opportunity to share with you some of my favorite things.

My November box theme is "Being You" which is a reflection of the vision I have for my work and daily practice. It was only a few years ago when I began to see how it important it was for me to write down my dreams and plans (I journal several times a week if not every day), drink tea, and simply spend time with myself. During that period I realized that without making time to do those things that made me feel full, my work, relationships and creativity would suffer. So instituting a practice of self-discovery and soul-nourishment became a mandatory ritual in my life.

My hope is to share what Ive learned by creating work and spaces that encourage self-discovery and creativity with an emphasis on embracing who we are and sharing our light with others.

As we approach the demands of the holiday season, which tends to push and pull us in all sorts of directions, I wanted to create a box that would share little reminders of how important it is to nurture ourselves every single day. And the importance of simply Being You”—which only you get to define for yourself.

In this box you will find items that will help you do just that. We included my recent book release Becoming Me, which is 176 pages chockfull of illustrations, lettering and space for writing, doodling, and creating. With its prompts, advice, and exercises I wanted to create a resource that would inspire readers to take time to reconnect with who they are beyond labels, roles, and responsibilities. We have included coloring pencils I use in my own practice.

In this GeenieBox theres also my favorite flavor Harney’s Tea promoting a therapeutic and relaxing atmosphere.

Another thing that keeps me full and helps cultivate my identity is celebrating other cultures. By experiencing different perspectives I get to appreciate the diversity of the world while honoring my place in the wide spectrums of our global community. Which is why I included greeting cards featuring an illustration I created for the New York based non-profit, caribBEING. They create unique pop-up events (look out for a cool holiday invitation!), experiences, and programming to celebrate Caribbean cultures. caribBEING does an amazing job honoring culture and people.

These are all items that inspire me. I truly hope that when you receive this GeenieBox that you, too, will feel inspired and encouraged to create a practice that allows you to nurture yourself every day. Thank you and please let me know what you think! Share your box experience with me Instagram using my handle: @andreapippins.


Andrea Pippins

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