Dear GeenieBox Sisters,

Hi. I’m thrilled to be sharing this time and part of my journey with you. For me, “The Beauty of Breaking Through” is an equally personal and professional theme, one that represents where I am (and you are) today, but serves as a reminder of our resilience. I hope to perhaps be a small spark in what ignites and inspires you to be disruptive in your own life, to perhaps dare do something that scares you, and look amazing while doing it!

To know me is to know that I always wear lipstick. I wear lipstick as an executive in the beauty industry, where I’m now in a position to help drive the change in the narrative that’s told about our beauty, working hard (I promise!) to dismantle a construct of beauty that was never designed to include us. So it was a no-brainer that you get to have one of my favorite, most indulgent lipstick formulas from Lancôme, where I started my beauty career almost 10 years ago. I hope it gives you the boldness you need to move through the world on your own terms.

I’m delighted to include the acclaimed book, Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work by Whitney Johnson. The path to building a fulfilling life and career (so far) has not been a linear one for me. It rarely is. And it’s required some risk-taking. It often does. Sometimes, you have to just blow $#!+ up! But really, change will happen whether you want it to or not. So you can either be a subject of it, or be a force to leverage it to your advantage. In Disrupt Yourself, I hope you find useful the frameworks to help you be a change agent – whether in your current role at work, or as you embark on new endeavors.

I’ve also included a small (but mighty!) representation of the social issue about which I am most passionate. Girls and women are at the center of a profound paradigm shift in the global landscape. There are a number of forces at play that will make way for us to advance and reach equality, but the work is ours to do. I’m a proud member of the “Feminist Fight Club” (also an amazing book by Jessica Bennett) and with this pin, I name you members as well. I only ask that you to find ways to lift up other women as you climb.

Finally, the experience that I’m sharing with you is one that represents the heart and soul I’ve put into my latest venture, Trest, a mobile app for women with textured hair. Trest stands at the intersection of the things about which I’m extremely passionate: beauty, empowering and building products for women, and creating a space for a more diverse view of women in all the areas where we are underrepresented. I saw an opportunity to create a solution for our unique needs and I’m excited that you get to try Salon AKS – one of NYC’s premier salons featured in Trest – using the $50 gift card in your GeenieBox. Sit pretty and enjoy!

Love to you,


@DariaBurke / @TrestBeauty