Our Favorite Things: 2016 Geenies

Our 2016 Geenies represent the best of US: bold, creative, empowering, supportive, and brilliant. Beyond achieving success in their respective industries, each Geenie offers a model of self-actualization and ideas for personal growth that we all can apply. Their models of self-caring while pursuing excellence trigger us to center ourselves and ignite us to dream and achieve bigger. We are beyond grateful; and to celebrate our Geenies, we commissioned our resident illustrator Kim Salt, to create an original portrait of each woman. See Kim's beautiful work below: 


March Geenie: Lauren Maillian

Thank you Lauren Maillian for being our first Geenie and truly encompassing #BlackExcellence. Lauren, we are proud of all that you've accomplished and inspired by your redefining path! Look forward to seeing you continue to flourish. 

April Geenie: Crystal McCrary

Crystal McCrary is a best-selling author and a high-powered television and film producer. Thank you Crystal, for crafting our stories with dignity and integrity. We wish you nothing but prosperity as you continue to sprinkle #BlackGirlMagic on this world.

May Geenie: Sarah Elizabeth Lewis

Sarah Elizabeth Lewis is a bestselling author, curator, and an Assistant Professor at Harvard University. Her work has graced the pages of countless publications, from The New York Times to Art in America and she has spoken at conferences such as TEDGlobal and SXSW. Sarah, you remind us everyday to embrace our #BlackGirlGenius and be unashamedly Black and smart. Thank you for all that you do and we await all the great things you will accomplish in the future.

June Geenie: Tai Beauchamp

Style Influencer. Entrepreneur. Media Personality. Public Speaker. These are just some of the hats that Tai Beauchamp wears. She has been a beauty and fashion editor at top publications, including Seventeen where she made history as the magazine's youngest and first African-American Beauty and Fitness Director. Tai, thank you for being our Geenie. Continue to forge a path for all of us and make history in every way that you can. 

August Geenie: Jamilah Lemieux

Jamilah Lemieux prides herself on being "one of those pesky Black feminists who challenges the status quo, while remaining fresh and fab at all times." She is an editor, award-winning writer, and outspoken champion for Black women and girls. Thank you Jamilah for sharing your gifts with the world and fiercely advocating for racial equality, social justice, and a number of other social issues. 

October Geenie: Daria Burke

Daria Burke is a business strategist, speaker, entrepreneur, women's advocate, and all around magical black woman. In 2012, she created Black MBA Women, the first diversified platform to deliver content, community and career development events to black women from top-tier business schools. Daria is also a beauty executive with 15 years of experience in developing winning brands. Thank you Daria for innovating the beauty space and elevating women everywhere! 

November Geenie: Andrea Pippins

Andrea Pippins is a designer, illustrator, and educator. In November 2015, she published her first book, I Love My Hair,an adult coloring book featuring her illustrations celebrating various hairstyles and textures. She recently released her second book, Becoming Me. Thank you Andrea for using your artistic talents to empower women to unapologetically embrace their creativity. 


We hope that our 2016 Geenies have inspired and motivated you as much as they've touched us. Happy holidays!