Passion Meets Purpose with Marcia A. Cole

Marcia A. Cole believes in transformation. As a the founder and CEO of IVY Digital, former magazine editor, media executive and beauty industry expert, Marcia has been at the vanguard of media disruption over the last 25 years. In 2015, Marcia discovered how her passion in the beauty space could serve a higher purpose. 

On a volunteer project with Momentum Education, Marcia witnessed how hard it was for women in shelters to access feminine products among other self-care and personal development needs. That experience led her to establish the Passion Meets Purpose Foundationteaming up with life coaches, fitness instructors, and beauty service providers to help underserved women realize infinite possibilities and transform their lives. Leatrice Carter, owner of Time Studio in Brooklyn, NY and a beauty partner for Passion Meets Purpose says that “making the women feel good is just what they need especially when they're trying to get back on their own two feet.”

We agree. And we're happy to support Marcia's latest endeavor through GeenieBox sales. Partial proceeds (up to 12%) from Marcia's curated GeenieBox will beneift the work of Passion Meets Purpose. Members will also have the opportunity to experience Marcia's coaching magic via a #MentorMeMC coaching session in our private Facebook group on 6/26!

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Access to this Box and experiences ends on Friday, 6/23.

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