RECAP: Magic Monday Boston

Hey GEMs,
We had a blast at our first Magic Monday event in Boston (2/20) featuring our January Geenie, Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche.  Nearly 100 magical Black girls filled the room and the event was nothing short of amazing. It was a night of networking and fun, but like any GeenieBox event, it was full of gems, too.
Tiffany Aliche shared three tips on living a richer life.
  1. Live in Your Purpose:  "You have to figure out your purpose. . .stay in your divine lane,” says Tiffany. Tiffany tried numerous other jobs: event planner, artisan, etc., but was only truly successful when she focused on her true calling: Teaching.
  2. Embrace Your Mistakes: "Be receptive of all obstacles, messages and experiences life throws at you."  Don't let your mistakes sideline you forever; check your ego and reealize that your $3000 mistake is a teachable moment so that you don't make a $30,000 mistake. 
  3. How To Build a Kickass Community of 180k women?:
      1. Identify a core message: what's the reason for your community to gather? Be clear, specifice and consistent with your message.
      2. Have a place for your community to gather: Communities need to live somewhere. A place to connect with each other. The Budgetnista's DreamCatchers live in one massive facebook group (180K) and fan out in smaller city groups.
      3. Give 'em something to do: Every January, DreamCatchers can expect a new financial challenge; it's not only an opportunity to grow in one financial area (i.e. credit) but also to connect with other members of the community and work on something together. 
  4. Keep Fueling Inspiration: "Being of service gives me life," says The Budgetnista. What keeps Tiffany inspired is seeing how far can she push it/ seeing how far she can grow in service of others.


    GeenieBox Founder Chana Ewing (l) and Tiffany Aliche 

    GeenieBox Boston Ambassador Liz Miranda  (l) and Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche 

    For everyone who attended the event, we want to share our warmest regards. Special thanks to GeenieBox members (new and old), Boston Ambassador Liz Boston (@lizonamission), our sponsor Eric Lindsey of Keller Williams Realty, Tiffany (@TheBudgetnista) and her "Dream Catchers," and our venue hosts Fairmount Innovation Lab and Justin Springer of Out the Box Agency. 

    Till Next Time,