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Inside the May Box

As a Harvard professor, curator and author, I find myself, like many of you, focused on how to grow, improve, and maintain my energy to meet my responsibilities and still honor time for my family and friends. Yet it’s rare to have a space to reveal our process to each other—to talk about what works, what helps, and what’s absolutely indispensable. So I’m absolutely thrilled that this GeenieBox will share some of the experiences, techniques, and tools that have helped my process along the way in the hopes that it may help some of you on your path.

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Inside the April Box

Dear GeenieBox Sisters - fellow creators, mothers, aunts, friends and supporters, I profoundly thank you for your interest and collaboration in the journey I have taken and continue to travel as a woman, wife, mother, artist, philanthropist and GeenieBox contributor. I am both humbled and honored to share with you a few of the ingredients that have enriched my life and contributed to my creative exploration. Like most of you, I was blessed to travel a path where education and family/community support was a part of my upbringing and propelled me to my first professional "pit stop." In my case, becoming a lawyer and working at a big NYC law firm was that initial destination but I knew in my...

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Her Genius: Lauren Maillian

Lauren Maillian has been called many things in her life - entrepreneur, author, mother, and now she can add one more title to the long list: Geenie.   GeenieBox, the new subscription box curated by a different iconic Black woman every month, has selected Lauren to be the Geenie for our inaugural shipment. Lauren is #BlackGirlMagic personified, and her story and secret weapons will challenge, magnify and inspire women the world over! We’re hard at work distilling her genius into a carefully curated selection of products and experiences that will make their way to you in March. Until then, find out how Lauren balances three spaces that support her hustle. (Oh, and GeenieBox hints abound!) POSITIVE MIND One of Lauren's...

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