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Our Favorite Things: 2016 Geenies

Our 2016 Geenies represent the best of US: bold, creative, empowering, supportive, and brilliant. Beyond achieving success in their respective industries, each Geenie offers a model of self-actualization and ideas for personal growth that we all can apply. Their models of self-caring while pursuing excellence trigger us to center ourselves and ignite us to dream and achieve bigger. We are beyond grateful; and to celebrate our Geenies, we commissioned our resident illustrator Kim Salt, to create an original portrait of each woman. See Kim's beautiful work below:    March Geenie: Lauren Maillian Thank you Lauren Maillian for being our first Geenie and truly encompassing #BlackExcellence. Lauren, we are proud of all that you've accomplished and inspired by your redefining path! Look forward...

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Best Reactions to the Most Epic Interview Ever #OprahandFLOTUS

What's more magical than Oprah Winfrey or Michelle Obama, respectively? How about both of them together in one space radiating with nothing but #blackgirlmagic? Last night, CBS aired Oprah's farewell interview with our Flotus. It was a chat shared between close friends and it embodied what it means to have a tribe, a circle of supportive and driven people who have your back. These leading women dialogued about politics, the "angry black women" stereotype, and "glamping," among other topics. It was surely an interview to remember. And, as always, we could count on Twitter to deliver the BEST reactions. Here's a few of our favorites: #OprahandFLOTUS is nothing but #BlackGirlMagic on Primetime television. If that isn't excellence, we don't know what is....

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Our Favorite Things: 5 Pop Culture Moments We Loved

This month, we’re laying out all of our Favorite Things. See here and here for a peek! 2016 has been . . .rough and that’s just to say the least. It’s been a year that’s tested our faith in this country, and even in ourselves. We’ve had some low times, perhaps some heartbreak and disappointments, and maybe we have been down more often than not. We are probably all looking forward to 2017 and it’s promise of hope, rejuvenation, and prosperity. However, we all have something to be grateful for: a graduation, the birth of a loved one, a promotion, or starting a new chapter with new people. This year has been a lot of things, but it’s also been an...

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