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Our Favorite Things: 2016 Geenies

Our 2016 Geenies represent the best of US: bold, creative, empowering, supportive, and brilliant. Beyond achieving success in their respective industries, each Geenie offers a model of self-actualization and ideas for personal growth that we all can apply. Their models of self-caring while pursuing excellence trigger us to center ourselves and ignite us to dream and achieve bigger. We are beyond grateful; and to celebrate our Geenies, we commissioned our resident illustrator Kim Salt, to create an original portrait of each woman. See Kim's beautiful work below:    March Geenie: Lauren Maillian Thank you Lauren Maillian for being our first Geenie and truly encompassing #BlackExcellence. Lauren, we are proud of all that you've accomplished and inspired by your redefining path! Look forward...

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The Wisdom of Geenies

Dear Gems -  Since launching in March, GeenieBox has delivered nearly 30 books, lifestyle products and exclusive experiences to doorsteps all over the country, revealed the inspirations behind seven iconic Black women, and introduced a new event series, Magic Monday. Our super small (just 3!) but mighty team is on a mission to build a personal development and lifestyle brand that puts creativity and self-care right up there with leadership, confidence and expertise. As the founder, I'm learning right along with you. Geenies have shared the importance of starting the day at 5am, making time to meditate, and pumping the heart through regular exercise. And like many of you, I struggle to incorporate ALL of the little jewels and tips...

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Inside the June Box

Gems- Firstly, I'm so grateful to be your June Geenie. I hope that the beautyfully curated items in your box empower and inspire you to be your best self. From a stylish affirmation, to my favorite read to a gorgeous red lip and a little passport case for travels near and far - cheers to standing tall and high. Here's to you and a summer filled with joy, journeying, reflection and your unique beauty! Xo,Tai Beauchamp @taibeau / @thetailife

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