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Dear Gems - 

Since launching in March, GeenieBox has delivered nearly 30 books, lifestyle products and exclusive experiences to doorsteps all over the country, revealed the inspirations behind seven iconic Black women, and introduced a new event series, Magic Monday. Our super small (just 3!) but mighty team is on a mission to build a personal development and lifestyle brand that puts creativity and self-care right up there with leadership, confidence and expertise.

As the founder, I'm learning right along with you. Geenies have shared the importance of starting the day at 5am, making time to meditate, and pumping the heart through regular exercise. And like many of you, I struggle to incorporate ALL of the little jewels and tips we're introduced to via the books, box letter and other events. Yet, I grow bolder and closer to my personal goals through the examples of excellence that Geenies set. Success isn't one destination or one achievement, rather a lifestyle and a commitment to a forward direction.

My favorite part of the GeenieBox experience is reading the editorial letters; these original notes are the place #BlackGirlMagic really gets to shine. Below are some of the excerpts I love, along with the list of what we've received this year.

What's your favorite message from a Geenie? Best product or experience you have received? Would love to hear your feedback!



Founder, GeenieBox



 "I wear many hats in business, and in life, and I know all too well how hard it can be to feel like we are winning in all areas most of the time. But this is what modern day success and happiness, looks like for us women. We want it all and we are willing to work for it. Personally, my hardest struggle has been figuring out the best way for me to support myself — finding the things that keep me grounded and relaxed, recharged and motivated amid the noise.

That’s exactly where the #BlackGirlMagic comes into play —  we find a way to do it all with grace and style and poise." Read more from Lauren Maillian 


"The breakthrough for me came in the form of a book, "The Artist's Way," by Julia Cameron which became a roadmap for me to tap into anything creative within myself and to release it into the world. For me the book gave me permission and guidance to freely explore my creativity which ultimately led to me writing and publishing three bestselling books and producing and directing television and film.

As I was approached to curate the GeenieBox, it was important for The Artist’s Way to be included given its profound impact on my life." Read more from Crystal McCrary


"I am honored that the GeenieBox includes my first book, The Rise: Creativity, the Gift of Failure, and the Search for Mastery (Simon & Schuster, 2014) inspired as I was by the lessons I had gleaned from studying the lives of icons—from Oprah Winfrey to J.K. Rowling, Martin Luther King Jr. (who received C’s in oratory class!)—who remind us that our spirit is indomitable, that we can transform any experience with the right approaches, techniques, and outlook." Read more from Sarah Lewis


I hope that the beautyfully curated items in your box empower and inspire you to be your best self. From a stylish affirmation, to my favorite read to a gorgeous red lip and a little passport case for travels near and far - cheers to standing tall and high.  Read more from Tai Beauchamp


"Whenever I get the opportunity to speak to groups of women, I try my best to take at least a moment to encourage them to Prioritize Pleasure. It is a major key, one that far too many of us don’t seem to utilize. The word “pleasure” often makes people think of sex (and that’s not a bad thing at all), but it goes deeper—no pun intended.

Look at your work life, your relationships with your loved ones, your creative projects, volunteer work, and your hustle. Look at all those places where you are pulled and tugged, asked to be a boss, a leader, a support system…and ask yourself this: “Where am I empowered? Where do I feel good? What makes me happy? What pleases me?” - Read more from Jamilah Lemieux


"“The Beauty of Breaking Through” is an equally personal and professional theme, one that represents where I am (and you are) today, but serves as a reminder of our resilience. I hope to perhaps be a small spark in what ignites and inspires you to be disruptive in your own life, to perhaps dare do something that scares you, and look amazing while doing it!" - Read more from Daria Burke



Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work by Whitney Johnson

The Artists Way by Julia Cameron

The Rise: Creativity, the Gift of Failure, and the Search for Mastery by Sarah Elizabeth Lewis

The Path Redefined: Getting to the Top on Your Own Terms by Lauren Maillian 

The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo

When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost by Joan Morgan

Inspiration: Profiles of Black Women Changing Our World by Crystal McCrary


Lancôme lipstick

Feminist Fight Club pin


Effie's Paper Black GIrl Magic journal

SoRen Tea 

Under Armour headband

Brooklyn Candle Studio Soy Candle


Passport case

Maybeliine lipstick

Studio Museum postcards 

Ebonessence candle and massage oil

Marlee Ash Art custom home decor 


Salon AKS Gift Card

The Museum of Modern Art - Friends of Education Membership (2 months)

Harlem One Miler

Studio Museum in Harlem - Studio Society Membership (3 months)

Apollo Young Patrons (2 months)

The Body Is Not An Apology Webinar

Show:UP! Interactive Invitation


And we're just getting started - we have so much more in store for 2017!  Not a member? Want to gift GeenieBox? Sign-up today and lock in 20% savings for six months. That's 30+ items and activities at the price of one single gift! 



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