About Us

GeenieBox is where Black women connect to celebrate, refuel and power up.

Each month, GeenieBox introduces an iconic woman who curates a box of her favorite things that inspire ambitious women to keep going. Our "Geenie" curator of the month shares a book, beauty/productivity/wellness products, and VIP experiences (webinars, museum circles, events and more). The Box brings us together to exchange ideas, learn from, amplify and support one another on our Geenie journeys. Our community also gives forward - advancing women-centric social impact initiatives by donating 5-12% of monthly subscriptions. GeenieBox is the magical gift of motivation you give yourself and others who live and love the mantra “women support women.”

Unleash the Ge(e)nius and Geenie in you.

Mission: To inspire you to boldness by showcasing iconic Black women and their secret weapons - the magic inside each GeenieBox. 

A Letter from the Founder

As a young, educated, ambitious and creative Black woman, I was keenly aware of all the disempowering stats in front of me: making less than my white peers, spinsterhood, chronic health issues. Insert sad societal story, insert Black woman main character.

So when Michelle Obama entered the White House in 2009, I became obsessed. Seeing a super smart, accomplished Black woman enter the world stage, Mama and family in tow, was beyond inspiring. I wondered about her aha moments, detours and path to becoming the first Black First Lady. I wondered what new stories would be told by her and about US.



So I created brunch about that exciting moment, the age of Michelle O, and gathered a few friends and friends of friends - dubbed it, Michelle O Brunch. For five years we communed in NYC, Philly, and Newark; beyond the laughter and mimosas, I learned that Michelle was simply a mighty mirror for the brilliant and badass Black women all around me.

GeenieBox begins where Michelle O Brunch ends. Now we have a membership community where bold, iconic women share their stories to inspire us all to keep going, fill any room, and dance on any stage we desire.

We are about Black women flourishing.

This community is for the woman who:

    • sees another woman's success as a learning opportunity
    • seeks out and supports a #BlackWomanOwned business
    • places a premium on knowledge and experiences
    • devours a good book
    • invests in celebrations of US and the community

    If this sounds like you, welcome home.

    GeenieBox is a gift from our brilliant curators and an invitation to go after your wildest dreams. Thank you for landing here, stick around and make magic with us!

     with love and magic, 

    Chana Ginelle Ewing

    Founder/CEO, GeenieBox