About Us

A Letter from the Founder

In 2009, I founded Michelle O Brunch (MOB), an event series highlighting Black women leaders. MOB was built from the idea that celebrating the genius of an iconic Black woman (Michelle Obama) within community empowers us all. That same idea brings us to GeenieBox.


GeenieBox reveals the stories of iconic Black women; women who create and spearheard their own lanes. The hashtag, #BlackGirlMagic may be relatively new but we all know what it's like to both exude awesomeness and support the flourishing of others. Whether at Michelle O Brunch or another such experience, Black women have always modeled excellence for one another. I have built GeenieBox to capture and sprinkle our magic everywhere!

GeenieBox is a gift (from our brilliant curators), a surprise and an invitation to go after your wildest dreams. Our aim is to inspire you to boldness by showcasing iconic Black women and their secret weapons: the magic inside each GeenieBox. We are excited to surprise and delight you on your success journey every month!


Chana Ginelle Ewing

Founder/CEO, GeenieBox