Give GeenieBox Forward

GeenieBox is about the circle of giving. We celebrate Black women owning their ge(e)nius and leaning into their magic. Geenies share their favorite books, beauty/wellness products and VIP experiences for personal growth (w/ a focus on self-care x 10!). And members are building a community that centers "women supporting women" as a MAJOR key to living and being our biggest and brightest selves.

 As exciting as it is to get an impactful gift in the mail monthly, it's even more exciting to forward that impact to others. 

Give Forward is our commitment to reinvesting in and advancing women and girls by directing partial proceeds to a social impact organization identified by our Geenie. Each month we feature a new Geenie and a new social impact initiative that our community will support. So as we introduce new ideas, products and services in our Box, we're also introducing initiatives that improve lives.

Our fundraising model is aggressive; we donate a flat contribution plus 5-12% of GeenieBox subscriptions as our community grows.

Give Forward with us and get 10% off. Get and give the gift of Black Girl Magic.